High Quality Stamps for
Reliability and Consistent Impressions

Our stamps are durable and suitable for heavy users such as businesses, libraries, schools, hospitals, banks, law offices-even commercial, industrial or personal applications. Made of real, durable rubber for smooth stamping operation and consistent image, our stamps are designed with micro-porous control for the same amount of ink transfer with each impression.

Stamps can be created in 11 different sizes and are pre-inked, so there is no need for a separate inkpad. Ink color options currently include black, red, blue and green. Re-inking bottles make refilling ink quick and clean.

  • All stamps are pre-inked & refillable — which means no messy ink pads are needed. The ink is also fast drying to prevent smudging.
  • Stamps are available in many different shapes & 11 different sizes. Sizes range from .47” x .47” to 1.57” x 3.54”.
  • 600 DPI resolution. With a 600 DPI (dots per inch) print quality, every stamp impression that you make will be clear, clean & sharp. For maximum quality, use your stamp on a flat, level surface.
  • The protective cover snaps on over the stamp surface so it may be cleanly & safely carried in your pocket or purse.
  •  All stamps are compact, so they’re easy to handle & use.
  •  Made with a durable rubber that helps extend the life of the stamp.
  • Stamps work best on a flat, level surface.